Central America: When in Mexico!

After a hectic September – including trips to San Diego, Morocco and a brief jaunt to the south of France, I returned to London just in time for winter to hit in full force. Rich and I were back together and I couldn’t have been happier but there was still a big black cloud looming overhead, reminding me that I needed to escape the hustle and bustle of London.

So, when Rich announced that he was set to head off for a two week trip to Australia and New Zealand, for once I didn’t mind that I wasn’t going along with him. You see, I had my heart set on moving back to my beloved Bondi and was hoping that Rich’s trip would convince him he wanted to do the same (endless conversations on the matter had previously proved otherwise, but hey, I had to hope!)

In the meantime, I was heading down my annual winter gloom and doom spiral and knew that the only way to fix it was to get some sunshine. I’d been planning a trip to Central America all year and finally I had enough money saved to book the flights: LDN-CUN-(over-ground)-SJO-LDN (booked through Opodo’s multi stop flights for £800). After debating the pros and cons of joining an organised tour or going it alone, I eventually settled on a 16 day Gadventures tour called the Mayan Sun Southbound (booked with the lovely Victoria at STA Travel), followed by a week of solo travel in Costa Rica.

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Magical Marrakesh

(September 2013)

Ah, Marrakesh – the grown-up Aladdin’s cave of beautiful souks, scary snake charmers and magic lamps (aka Moroccan tea sets).

Cafe Arabe

Before I travelled to Morocco I’d heard a few scare stories from various friends and acquaintances: “Watch your purse“, “I felt on edge the whole time I was there“, “Be careful walking back to your riad at night“. All were statements from seasoned travellers and so I didn’t take their comments lightly. Which is why when we arrived in Marrakesh after work on Friday 13th, I was a little wary but excited all the same…

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Ghana: Diary of a volunteer

(August 2013)

Just before heading to Barcelona, I received an email to say that I’d won a competition (courtesy of Opodo UK) to spend a week in Ghana, volunteering with a charity called Worldreader who supply remote village schools with e-readers so that the children can have access to hundreds of books and have the chance to improve their education.

2013-08-16 11.39.16

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Barcelona (Take two)

(July 2013)

After our Italian adventure late last year, I couldn’t wait to take another trip with my best friend Beckie.

We toyed with the idea of heading to Slovenia after I saw a deal on Travelzoo, but when Beckie suggested Barcelona, I was instantly swayed. After enjoying a weekend break early last year in the Spanish capital, I knew it would be the perfect mixture of fun, culture and perhaps most importantly, good food – the ideal place for a girly break!


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Getting away from it all at Casa de Carrasco

(June 2013)

A very hectic six months in London had left me feeling exhausted; a breakup, a knee injury and barely a hint of sunshine to lighten my days, had left me wanting to run away from it all and get back to the one thing that never fails to make me happy – chasing the sun of course!


My 27th birthday was coming up and as it was my first time in a long time as a singleton, I wanted to get away from home and the ‘woe is me’ feeling that was threatening to take over. Unfortunately, having left plans to the very last minute, none of my friends were available/could afford to come away. So, I decided to do the scariest thing I’ve done in a long time…book a trip for one.

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